University Book and Reading Festival

The Port Ellen book festival was included in the event system that the Federation organizes and organizes as an organization. It is appointed annually in the month of November and is adopted every two years as its headquarters. As a strategic goal of the festival, it is the promotion of books and the habit of reading as options for a healthy rest and the cultural use of free time, which implies the use of the method of cultural promotion that is characteristic of the process of disseminating higher education.

The responsibility for such an important initiative of the universities in their struggle for culture lies with the directorates of the expansion of the university or the devices responsible for their management at any of their levels, for direct institutional support. The cultural movement in higher education institutions (HEIs) is an expression of the importance attached to the formation of a holistic professional.

The work of continuing education at the university strengthens and enriches holistic cultural education in different ways, so it is necessary to make the university a center of the cultural life of each territory, contributing to the development of truly attractive activities for young people and that it has a broad convocation of power.

It is also important to strengthen existing public projects in each university, involving more people in these projects and using various manifestations of art and literature. Objectives: To promote the development of cultural space and reading skills based on presentations of books by Cuban publishers. Facilitate the exchange of students, critics, directors and writers at presentations, conversations and reading works.

Connect literature with other artistic manifestations and science, creating a variety of spaces for the use of free time and relaxation. Provide university talent not only to the student community, but also to people. To deepen the work in our history and in ideological political work based on presentations of books and spaces that convey values and knowledge.

Book festival. Fairgrounds in all provinces: Presentations of books and magazines. Presentations of the magazine by country’s provinces. Special presentations by amateur artists. Panels and conferences with writers. Launch of poetry, short stories and mini-contests to be awarded in the next issue.

In a forum like the one suggested by the Image Festival, this may seem like an anachronism and an inappropriate topic, in which the publication of an independent book is seen as a tool for transferring knowledge, rather than a digital book, a paper book, but yes One of the lines that can be demonstrated is management and transmission knowledge, the book is always suitable and may even be in the top of the rating of this work.

Currently, the world is experiencing a socio-economic crisis, which requires new forms of improvement in politics, economy and society. Culture is always involved in the processes of change and transformation, changes that often come from small areas and which, thanks to work, efforts and loyal offers, provide transformations that have an important impact on social and cultural achievements.

The state and universities currently dominate in publishing, which directly affects the consumption of books and the offer to read. An independent publication does its work on this subject. Over the years, editing suggestions have come up that are aimed at creating cultural products that transform or at least require reflection and analysis of our environment and our context, managing and transmitting informal knowledge in an innovative and informed way.

The Port Ellen book festival is an event known at the regional level, and every year writers, poets, publishers and booksellers rush to the public to fall in love with the advertised poster and organized events on site. The book market, according to an independent book seller and partner: comfortable sales in all areas (literature, youth, essays, comics, etc.).

It works thanks to a loyal clientele, or a passion for books, or belligerence regarding the protection of local trade, and defends and confirms its activities, in particular, the fact that it was founded in 1981 by Lang’s law, which imposes a unique book rate on all depositories (independent bookstores) shops, internet, supermarkets …).