Port Ellen festival for readers

Creating a crossroads between art and disciplines, between novelists, essayists, comics, illustrators, directors, actors: this will be the main axis of programming of this 16th edition. “All reality for me is just a fiction.” Literature is the art of creating other worlds through writing, exploring reality and playing with it. The language of writers feeds on this, just like a director’s eye, a draftsman’s pencil, or an actor’s gesture. He burns all forests and allows himself to be crossed by thought; Dialogues of novels with philosophy, sociology, geography … How is the opinion of the author, creator, isolated? writers and artists use the rich and complex connections that fiction intertwines with reality in order to better look at and understand our worlds. If they sometimes talk about beauty, they often condemn inequalities and excesses and try to transform, transform, reinvent them through writing.

Port Ellen festival for readers is currently a particularly anticipated event for an audience that is growing every year: from 500 spectators during its first publication in 2003 to more than 6,000 visitors in 2017. This 16th edition is a continuation of what made the event successful and its individuality – a demanding program and an interdisciplinary approach to the topic – offering new orientations in its form and content.

Thus, the city chose this year to hold literary debates on major current issues. The program is divided into subtopics related to social issues that are currently mobilizing the media, social networks, civic positions and civic education of youth.

Lord Robertson of Port Ellen. Because in these turbulent times, literature, books and artistic creation can serve as a guide, a call for vigilance, tolerance, but also dreams, as well as keys to rethinking the world. The city entrusted the programming of this 16th edition to two new literary advisers under the intelligent guidance of the media libraries.

30 authors accepted our invitation and for the first time 4 scriptwriters and comic book illustrators will be presented along with novelists, essayists, authors for youth. Authors at the center of literary news, known or emerging, specialized or public, national, regional or cross-border, for a proposal open to the greatest number of people with friendly times among the public.

Literature and sociology seek to describe the mechanisms of the world in which we live. What does literature say about our societies? What does sociology teach us about people’s ability to defeat determinism? How do the writer and sociologist explain the divided France, inequality and relations between communities?

The microcosm is predominantly a family – it is a mini-society, advocate or asphyxiation, in which everyone seeks his place and builds his identity. The family is now embodied in new forms in literature and cinema. How do authors accurately and intelligibly describe the complexity of origin?

Economically, time is, they say, recovery. To manage means to bring the country back on track. But what does it mean to pick up, return or leave? What are the complications and persecutions of our personal or political attempts to overcome disappointments and defeats, doubts and obstacles, until we find the strength in ourselves to act again? The philosopher and writer will question second frames, new times, to explore their traps and their promises, and explore the individual or collective restart experience.

The city also wanted to emphasize this 16th edition, bringing together all the actors of the book and reading the area around a great cultural weekend. The 16th book fair is held in elevators, under a large top, as well as in the national center for graphic design – at the exhibition, in collaboration with the Conservatory of Music and the intercommunal school. Book network professionals are also present, primarily 3 independent bookstores with a selection of several thousand books. Art and cultural education, concerts, film screenings, exhibitions, art workshops, live performances, readings, completion of the literary program. I wish you all an exciting book party open to life ideas.

Take a walk, linger, discover, discuss … The authors dedicate their work and exchange in a privileged manner in the spaces of three bookstores, where you can find guidance and give advice. More than four thousand are available for adults and young viewers: novels, essays, art books and beautiful books, albums, comics, books by invited authors and books on topics developed during meetings.