eLearning Conferences

eLearning Conferences

eLearning conferences bring together thought leaders and practitioners to share strategies and best practices. They also provide a platform for attendees to evaluate new technologies and identify solutions that can improve their learning and development programs.

Attendees get the opportunity to hear from recognizable names who shape practices, as well as explore case studies like how Dominos and Southwest Airlines develop their eLearning offerings. In addition, participants can network with fellow professionals in the industry and find out about new opportunities for collaboration.

Creativity in Learning

Creativity in learning is the process of creating meaningful contributions to one’s own and others’ learning, lives, and wellbeing. These efforts can range from smaller scale (e.g., students sharing their unique way of thinking about a math problem) to larger (e.g., students collaborating to develop and implement a creative solution to a social isolation problem in their classroom).

A student’s creativity directly enhances learning by increasing motivation, deepening understanding, and promoting joy. It also supports cross-curricular learning. According to Alane Jordan Starko, creativity is at the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy because it helps students connect material across academic disciplines. It also requires a compassionate, accepting environment to encourage students to be more daring and take risks.

Join global e-learning experts to explore best practices and trends in the area of accessibility and inclusivity. This online conference will energize and inspire you to create innovative solutions that reach more learners than ever before.

Learning Solutions Conference & Expo

Attending a learning and development conference provides ideas and solutions for developing training programs that meet business goals. This includes creating e-learning modules that are more engaging and delivering them in formats that are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. Moreover, it allows attendees to interact with other learning professionals and develop lasting professional relationships.

The TechLearn conference, which “empowers technology to empower learning,” features keynote speeches from Michio Kaku, a renowned physicist and co-founder of string theory. Moreover, it has sessions on topics such as e-learning and the virtual classroom, compliance training and professional development. It also hosts a ‘training tech kitchen’ event where attendees rotate among 10 tables with demos of tools and platforms to try them out.

Attending a training industry conference can help you learn the latest trends and technologies in the field of e-learning and improve your ability to develop, deliver, and assess learning programs that make an impact on employee performance. It can also provide insights into how to transform learning into an organization’s DNA and create a learning environment that supports employee growth and development.

Social Learning

An e-learning conference can be a great way to make connections with other educators from around the world. You can also find out about the latest trends in e-learning and share best practices with others in your industry.

Social learning theory is based on the idea that individuals primarily learn through observation and imitating behavior. This learning can be acted on (a child sees their sibling politely ask for a treat and follows suit) or not acted on (a person hears about how to pick a lock but doesn’t try it themselves).

The speakers at this event tend to be recognizable names shaping the practice of talent development across industries, with presentations that are both inspiring and practical. In addition, this eLearning conference has a virtual offering that allows attendees to participate from the comfort of their own offices. This makes it the perfect choice for current and aspiring teachers.

Chief Learning Officer Symposium

Chief Learning Officer Symposium is an annual conference that brings together Chief Learning Officers, eLearning professionals, and learning experience designers. It explores and discusses the latest in learning technologies. It is held in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is geared towards talent development managers. For more information, visit ATD TechKnowledge 2023.

The symposium is a spring and fall event produced by BetterWork Media Group’s Chief Learning Officer magazine. It covers a range of topics including implementing learning strategies that are scalable, boosting employee performance, and magnifying the corporate competitive edge with educational programs.

Karie Willyerd is the Chief Learning Officer for Visa, a company that has seen tremendous growth in its last couple of years. She joined the podcast to talk about how she got her start in corporate learning and what it means for her to be a strategic leader in this field. She also shares her thoughts on the future of the chief learning officer role.