Adult program of the book festival

Not in order to be limited, but in order to see literature in all its dimensions, to encourage meetings and original creations, to show that this last one is alive and underlies our interrogations, such are the ambitions that we pursue now during 14 years through the festival of literary creations. This year, our program invites the most respected authors and those who will make tomorrow’s literature, invites the public to open new publishers, prepare ideas, open to the world.

Wealth and eclecticism are tempting more and more visitors. More than ever, we need a meaning and understanding of our world, and we think the book can help us. All these meetings would not have been possible without the support of publishers, book sellers, authors and public and private partners who join us to make the festival a literary event, which is now inevitable; that they are grateful here for their significance, as you, dear public, for your loyalty.

Each year, establishes its warm “literary village” in the heart, offering a wide audience the best of regional and national publications. The new “great region”, the fruit of the marriage of Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes, as never before supports this festival of all literary genres. France is a country of literary culture, and we must keep an eye on this beautiful and fragile heritage.

Authors have the right to upset our lives. For the happiest of us, the discovery of literature occurs from a very young age, when we look at a good book that opens the door to unexpected worlds. If I believe that a day without reading is a missed day, I’m sure everyone will find happiness. For over a decade, through its cultural operator, the regional agency has done a great job of supporting various parts of the book industry.

These efforts will be supported across a larger region. Our mission is diverse: to maintain a diversified cultural offer, support the creation and, in a more general sense, support an important sector in the complex context of the digital revolution in the field of use and distribution. Long live the reading, writers and long live the rest – this is only literature.

Children’s program of the book festival.

It is recommended that each participant in a limited number of classes record up to 3 classes to ensure the participation of the largest number of children. In any case, ticket holders must confirm their participation in the Information Point (entry) from 9:30 in the morning on the day when the action takes place 30 minutes before the event. This allows you to avoid empty seats, despite the purchase, as shown by past experience. Latecomers are not guaranteed entry after the start of the action, even if they have a regular ticket. A refund of tickets can be requested only and exclusively in the event of suppression of an event for reasons related to the organization. The request must be made before October 7th.

Participation in the Festival includes the full adoption of this regulation, also available on the website. The organization of the festival reserves the right to make changes to the program, which may be required after printing the brochure.

Any changes in the program will be reported through the website, reservation service and information points of the festival. Spectators of the festival, as part of the public, give their consent and allow themselves and minors in their company any present and future use of any photographs or audio and video recordings that can be made.

The organization is not liable for damage caused to things or persons during the event. On the occasion of the holiday, the Amico bus will also be active on Saturdays and Sundays. The service is reserved for those who, due to disability problems, cannot use the public transport services and ensure the presence on board of staff assistance facilities.

Parents of children or young people with disabilities can always attend events selected for their child. The festival includes many events, various in type, age and number of participants, we advise parents to read the description of laboratories, meetings or exhibitions in a brochure or on the website to choose the most suitable for their child. However, the festival is available to provide clarification and verification.

The festival guarantees full accessibility of spaces. Each place will be staffed by volunteers who will take care of the reception with the utmost care. Children and young people with disabilities and their guardians are free to participate in all activities. For information and reservations, please contact.